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2435 PU Adhesive – Adhesive for Rubber Mats – PU Glue

Rubber TilesRubber to Concrete Adhesive

Size: 1 litre bottle



Our 2435 PU Adhesive has been specially formulated to adhere our Rubber Tiles to almost any surface including concrete, asphalt and timber, and waterproofing membranes.

As rubber tiles have a high thermal coefficient of expansion we have developed a flexible PU adhesive to adhere our Rubber Tiles. This results in an effective and practical fixing method that can be used in damp and humid conditions.

2435 PU adhesive is supplied in 1 litre bottles with nozzle. The adhesive is applied by simply cutting the nozzle to get a 3-4mm bead.

For safety precautions see the container label or data sheet.


1. Formulated with polyurethane, a versatile polymer known for its strong bonding capabilities and flexibility
2. Has a degree of flexibility, which allows the glue to accommodate the natural expansion and contraction of rubber materials
3. Supplied in a 1-liter bottle, the glue can be accessed easily by cutting the nozzle to get a 3-4mm bead
4. Made with low volatile organic compound (VOC) content, it minimizes the emission of harmful fumes
5. Creates a strong and durable bond that can withstand years of use


1. Can be used to adhere rubber tiles to almost any surface including concrete, asphalt, and timber
2. Suitable for use in damp and humid conditions
3. Frequently used to bond rubber safety tiles or mats in gyms and playgrounds
4. Should be used for adhering purposes when you want to ensure durability, stability, and safety in a wide range of environments