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Dflect Equestrian H-Mat

Rubber Tiles

Colour options: 4

Size: 1120 x 1000 x 30-43mm


Equestrian Rubber H Mats

dFlect Equestrian rubber mats and wall products are designed, manufactured and tested specifically for Equine use. They are not standard playground rubber tiles or mats re-branded.

Horse Stall walls and floors are often made of concrete which, with its hard and often rough or slippery which can cause injuries to the animals. dFlect Rubber Wall & Floor Mats can significantly reduce the risk of injury. Also by covering the exposed surfaces, the life of the stall is significantly extended.

Stable and External Walkways used for the exercise of horses are usually made of concrete or densely compacted aggregate. Because of the hard and sometimes slippery surface this produces the animals can suffer injuries. dFlect rubber floor tiles can significantly reduce these risks. The dFlect H-block and H-mat are suitable for floors in stable aisles, estates, walkways and carousels. The H-Block and H-Mat are manufactured from recycled rubber granules, dye and polyurethane, densely compressed to ensure long life and durability.

The dFlect H-mat interlocking profile allows installation to be carried out quickly, easily and without obvious seams. The integral drainage channels built into the underside of the mat allow water and urine to quickly drain away.

The benefits of the dFlect H-Block and H-Mat are:

  • Low likelihood of slip
  • Reduction in injuries
  • Urine and water permeability
  • Insulating
  • Soundproofing
  • Comfortable
  • Elastic
  • Shape
  • Frost resistant to -40 deg C
  • Heat resistant up to 80 deg C
  • Weather and wind resistant