Grassflex Artificial Grass Tiles

Rubber Tiles

Colour options: 1

Size: 500x500x25-30mm & 1000x1000x25mm

Permeable: 250mm per hour (EN 1176)


Grassflex Artificial Grass Tiles

Grassflex are available in either 25mm thick or 30mm thick interlocking. Grassflex offers the looks and benefits of artificial grass coupled with the ease of laying and fall height protection of rubber tiles.

Suitable for play areas, patios, balconies and gymnasiums.

Grassflex tiles are manufacture with a recycled rubber granulate base that is soft and safe for use on play areas and gardens. Grassflex tiles are also manufacture with drainage channels on the underside. As the tiles are water permeable up to 250mm per hour (EN 1176) they allow rain water to flow through the tiles and through the drainage channels on the underside.

As the recycled rubber part of the tile is covered with artificial grass it dramatically reduces the likelihood of carbon leaching.

Loose Lay with interlocking pins provided. Open edges can be bonded if required with our 2435 PU Adhesive.