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dFlect 500 Edge Ramp – Dflect Rubber Tiles

Rubber Tiles

Colour options: 4

Size: 500 x 500 x 30-100mm


Recycled Rubber Ramp Edge Tiles

Dflect edge ramp tiles are suitable for use in areas where pedestrians will be walking on and off the edges of the rubber tile layout. Dlfect ramp edge tiles reduce trip hazard at the outer edges.

Many of our 500 x 500 tiles are supplied with interlocking pins for laying. When the interlocking tiles are laid in a brick bond formation with the pins they effectively form a large mat, requiring adhesive only on outside lip of the first and last row if no edge restraint exists. Dflect Interlocking tiles therefore reduce labour and adhesive requirements and allow for installation onto almost any surface with easy inspection of the substrate underneath if required.

Dflect tiles are manufactured with channels on the underside to give excellent drainage and critical fall height tests results. All HIC fall height test results are available on request.