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5 June 2024

Fun and Functional Ideas for Artificial Grass Tiles in Kids’ Play Spaces


artificial grass tiles on the roof - dflect rubber


A beautiful green space outside your home or on the terrace offers a refreshing view that satiates the eyes like nothing else. But even more importantly, it is a haven for kids who want to play outside or simply frolic with mates. Although almost everybody desires a beautiful green lawn, not everyone is too chuffed when it comes to managing grassy areas.


Therefore, it is a great idea to use artificial grass tile pieces instead of natural grass and enjoy all the benefits of a garden without any need to toil excessively in maintenance tasks.

Create the Garden of Your Dreams with Grass Tiles: Let’s Explore Some Ideas


If you haven’t used artificial grass tiles because they are ‘fake’, you are missing out on creating the garden of your dreams. You see, many people want a children’s play area, but they forgo their plans because of excessive maintenance tasks.


However, if you are ready to give grass tiles a try, you will experience a wide range of options in front of you. So, let’s explore some exceptional kid’s play space ideas that will surely be appreciated by your children:

Add a New Dimension to Indoor Spaces


Unlike natural grass, grass tiles do not require water or sunlight. So, you can bring them inside your home without thinking twice. Creating a green space, even inside your child’s room can be a wonderful option as it provides a natural ambiance, which is quite pleasing to the eye.


Another advantage of using artificial grass tiles inside the house is that you get access to a softer surface, which cushions the fall. The overall natural flavor added by the green color makes for interesting play dates, parties, and children’s events.

Make Your Outdoor Space Special


Artificial grass tiles are your best bet when it comes to creating an outdoor play space. Even if you don’t have the best weather, you can rest assured that grass tiles will survive the wrath of the weather, no matter how severe it gets. Watch the space in front of your house turn into the favorite spot of your kids and their friends.


One of the best ways to make the most of your investment in artificial grass tiles is by integrating equipment like slides, sea saws, and even swings in the play area. So, even when kids fall or slip on the artificial grass, they are less likely to injure themselves.

Create a Sustainable Surface for Soccer, Tennis, and Golf Play


Is your kid excelling at sports but does not get enough time to practice the skills they learned at school or club? By installing artificial grass tiles, you can create a play area that would allow your child to practice whatever sports they love and improve their learned skills.


For instance, you can create an astroturf for football, which is considered a much better option than natural grass.


The turf will allow your kid to practice those fancy skill moves without the risk of injury through (inevitable) falls. Similarly, you can create a DIY golf course with obstacles of your choice to sharpen your golf skills. DIY golf courses can provide an exciting opportunity to indulge in some family fun on weekends.

Create a Picnic Spot Inside the House


Are you delaying your family picnic because you simply don’t have enough time on your hands due to professional commitments? With an indoor or outdoor green space, you can start having your family picnics right at home, saving time and engaging your kids.


While you are at it, you can even invite your friends and relatives to join you on a unique picnic experience for everyone.

Final Thoughts


Whether you want an indoor/outdoor play area or a unique picnic space at your house, you cannot go wrong with a play area created exclusively with artificial grass. Due to the shock absorption properties of grass tiles, you can mitigate the risk of injuries and give your kids and even yourself a place to play or just have some fun.


Buying artificial grass tiles is a profitable decision in the long run as you lower the maintenance costs considerably and can create a fascinating place within your home for many sporting and fun activities.